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Keynote Speakers

Dr.Ir. Arief Yahya, M.Sc.

Minister of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia

Prof. Kaye Chon, Ph.D, CHE, FIH

Dean of School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hongkong Polytechnic University

Prof. Yusuf Abdulaziz Al Turki

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research King Abdulaziz University

Welcome Message

"One Belt, One Road, One Tourism" was initiated by China in 2013, which has a history of Marco Polo expeditions. Currently, "One Belt and One Road" is the embodiment of China's diplomacy with neighboring countries to foster friendship, economy and tourism development, as well as providing new concepts, new models, and new places for the growth of 65 countries along the "Belt and Road".

Tourism is an important pillar of development in these countries. In line with peace, political stability and mutually supportive tourism, the International Conference "One Belt, One Road and One Tourism" not only promotes tourism but also promotes peace and economic development in those countries."


Call for Paper

The conference will focus on a range of topics related to research in Destination, Hospitality, Travel and Event. The conference invites papers on either completed research or a preliminary report on "research in progress".

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Paper Submission

1. Full paper submission is allowed for the final selection process. indicate the author's name and affiliation only on the cover page of the full paper and they should not be indicated anywhere in the paper.

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For all candidates of speakers, you should write your journal or proceeding with an appropriate template. Please click on this links to have the appropriate template. Please register or re-register and submit your paper before 30th October 2018